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Welcome to the Little Radio Library. This is where you will find all our favourite story books. You can hear bedtime stories on Little Radio every evening after 6pm.

Audio Stories

Now you can listen to some of Little Radio’s favourite stories whenever you like. Simply find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and select the story you want to listen to from the samples below. We have more stories coming soon.

The Very Silly Dinosaur Sillysaurus

by Hannah Barker

When Sillysaurus disappears, strange things start to happen around Gio’s house. Food from the fridge goes missing and mysterious footprints appear in his bedroom. Who could be responsible? Will the mystery of vanishing Sillysaurus be solved? A fun colourful story for both parent and child, to promote diversity in picture books, emotional resilience and, most importantly, the joy of reading.

I Wish

by Hannah Moorcroft-Jones

The ‘I Wish’ books were created to help communication with young children who have an unwell parent. The story is about a child who wishes that their parent wasn’t unwell so that they could do fun things together, but they realise that not being able to do everything they want makes it even more special when they do spend time together.

Beside The Seaside

by Daniel Hanton

Clang went the bell, you could hear it down the prom. Everyone came to see where the noise was coming from.

From paddling in the sea to chip stealing-seagulls and donkey rides. Let’s take a trip to the seaside to watch the magical puppet show, Punch and Judy.

Rory & Friends

by Juliette & Kayleigh Bond

Follow Rory Raccoon and his friends on their first adventure through Yonder Forest. Watch them work together as a team to help Poor Dylan Duck find his lost glasses.

My Grandma Lives in a Treehouse

by Christopher Quirk

This charmingly written granny book about a grandmother who lives in a treehouse will have you and your child chuckling as you follow the story. The book is written for an age range of 0-5 but is perfect as a first picture book to read to your little one.

Annabelle and the Talking Squawking Ducks

by Christopher Quirk

Annabelle and the Talking Squawking Ducks follows the second character in the Alexander Books series – Annabelle – and her journey in learning right from wrong. Annabelle loves feeding ducks but, when it is time to go and have lunch, she wonders if the ducks are still hungry want more.

Annabelle knows that stealing is wrong, but after having taken bread from the local café she is met by an elderly wizard duck. He shows her the error of her ways and, by using a bit of magic, he is able to reset her error and help Annabelle. When Mum realises Annabelle has snuck away to go back to the ducks… Annabelle is in trouble again!

The Girl Who Lost her Listening Ears

by Gemma Clatworthy

This is a humourous story about a girl who loses her listening ears. She looks hard but will she find them again?

With craft inspired artwork, this is a charming, original story that adults and children can enjoy together.

Arthur Skid's Chronicles of Being A Kid: Volume 1. Facts Kids Need to Know

by Martin Kirkham | Illustrated by Roxanne Knott

A hilarious children’s rhyming book. Cleverly written as a self help book for children based on the main character, Arthur skid, who recounts all the facts kids need to know based on his life experiences so far.

Parents and Children are sure to laugh along with these relatable facts about young children, being a sibling and family life. Wonderfully brought to life through nostalgic illustrations by Roxanne Knott.

If your kids like silly books, then this book will become a firm bedtime favourite!

Boris the Butterfly and Friends

by J T Scott

Boris the Butterfly is taking part in the Annual Butterfly Race with butterflies from around the world.

Sally the Sparrow and Friends

by J T Scott

Sally the Sparrow returns from finding food to discover all of her chicks have disappeared.

Aerodynamics of Biscuits

by Clare Helen Welsh

Captain Sneaky McSqueaky and his crew of pirate mice are trying to fly to the moon to steal moon cheese, but to get there they need some help from Oliver and his biscuits.

Curly Wurly Caterpillar

Alexander and The Curly Wurly Caterpillar

Alexander and the Curly Wurly Caterpillar follows the adventures of Alexander after he loses his favourite toy. He tries to find it, but gets lost and needs help to get out. With help from a magical caterpillar (and a few magic words) Alexander is saved and returns home. Educating Through Reading – The book is written to allow children to learn to read through rhyme.

Right Before Sleep

by Miro Tartan

Milo and Cat have a very effective sleep routine. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to work! They even know a few tricks that helped them fall asleep before. But when these tricks won’t work – at least not for Milo – it takes Cat’s magic whiskers, the Know It All book, a drop of exaggeration and a lot of creativity to lead them to dreamland. Enjoy reading this beautifully illustrated story which takes place Right Before Sleep. Who’s going to fall asleep first? Milo, Cat or you?

_0002_Layer 1

Bumper the Bumblebee and Friends

by J T Scott

Bumper the Bumblebee is worried because he zig-zags and all of his friends do something different. He sets off on a journey around the garden to ask all of his friends for their advice. Eventually, Bumper learns if zig-zagging is the right thing for him to do.

_0000_Layer 2

The Three Fish and Friends

by J T Scott

The Three Fish are having a holiday. They go through a magic portal to visit their friends at the seaside. When they arrive, things aren’t quite as good as they expected and their friends explain why. Eventually, The Three Fish find the cause of the problem and discover how everyone can help.

Moving Teddy's Journey Cover

Moving: Teddy’s Journey

by Zara Johnston | Illustrated by Dana Neuman

Moving to a new house and starting a new school can sometimes feel a bit scary. Follow Teddy on his journey as he faces these emotions and finds his inner courage. Will Teddy see that sometimes change isn’t so bad after all?

A heart-warming inspiring story showing the value of friendships, inner strength and hope.


It’s a Long Way to the Moon

by Chris Tetreault-Blay

A lovely inspirational rhyming story that follows a moth with a dream. With help from some of his animal friends, he invites others along for the ride. A Little Radio favourite!


Pilot Ray – The Tale Of A Snail

by Jana Broecker

This story is about a tiny snail that has one dream—and that is to fly! It’s a delightfully adventurous story told in rhyme with fun plot twists and an uplifting message about “Believing In Your Dreams” and “Appreciating What You Have”.


A Million Years From Home

by Jana Broecker

This story is about a lone dinosaur egg that gets trapped in ice for millions of years and is determined to find a new home in a world where it does not belong. It’s a heartwarming rhyming story, where nothing is what it seems.

Jackson Saves an Owl


Written by Darren Garwood and illustrated by Carl Osborne

Please visit for more details.

Little Brown Moth gets lost in a blanket of fog on Christmas Eve night and chances upon meeting Santa and his reindeer. Santa enlists the Little Brown Moth’s help to finish delivering presents to the children on his ‘nice children’ list, in exchange for Santa helping the Moth get back home.

Jackson's Solution to Pollution


Written by Darren Garwood and illustrated by Carl Osborne

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When Jackson flies over a tropical island and sees it scattered with litter, he has to do something to help. He rallies the island’s animals and sea creatures and embarks on an epic cleaning quest.

Jackson Saves the Moon


Written by Darren Garwood and illustrated by Carl Osborne

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Jackson Saves the Moon is about Jackson Superhero, a real boy who is far from ordinary! By day, a rare disease limits his ability to move freely, but at night, when the sleeping hours come around, he takes to the skies in new adventures. He knows what it means to need support, so when he hears a call for help, he wants to lend a hand.

Long night for Santa 2

It’s A Long Night For Santa

Little Brown Moth gets lost in a blanket of fog on Christmas Eve night and chances upon meeting Santa and his reindeer. Santa enlists the Little Brown Moth’s help to finish delivering presents to the children on his ‘nice children’ list, in exchange for Santa helping the Moth get back home.

Pip Saves Christmas 2

Pip Saves Christmas

Meet Pip. He’s a kind-hearted gerbil who lives on his own in a shoe at the edge of the forest. When Twinkle the elf shows up unexpectedly one cold Christmas Eve, Pip embarks on an amazing journey to the North Pole to try and rescue a group of elves.

Can Pip save Christmas? Will he solve the mystery of the missing cranberry sauce? And what other surprises are in store for him?

From the creators of ‘Ellie and the Cupcakes’ and ‘Sam the Sneezing Scarecrow’, this delightful tale beautifully captures the Christmas spirit as seen through the eyes of a tiny creature with a big heart.

my mums a tiger 2

My Mum's a Tiger

Eliza can’t wait to tell everyone she meets that her mum is a tiger! But she doesn’t have a tail, or paws with sharp claws…

Find out what makes Eliza’s mum so WILD in this beautiful story of embracing the skin we’re in and celebrating all our spots and stripes, the same way we celebrate animals and their markings.

Ellie 2 edit

Ellie and The Cupcakes

When Ellie’s wish comes true and she turns into a giant, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world. However, she soon discovers that being a giant comes with its own challenges, and compared to her size, Mum’s delicious cupcakes are now way too small!

Sam the Scarecrow edit

Sam the Sneezing Scarecrow

Sam is an adorable scarecrow with an unusual problem: he is allergic to feathers! Join Sam on his adventures and mishaps in this heart-warming tale about self-discovery, acceptance, courage and friendship.

Will you be my friend

Will You Be My Friend

Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare are back and Little Nutbrown Hare wants someone to play with. This is the lovely new story by Sam McBratney, author of the classic picture-book Guess How Much I Love You.

100 steps

One Hundred Steps

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Sir Captain Moore who walked walked 100 laps of his garden and captured the heart of a nation. An inspirational read for all ages.

Hetti the Yetti

Hettie the Yeti is an imaginative, amusing rhyming book about a little boy who discovers a mysterious box on his doorstep that contains a tiny Yeti called Hettie. Hettie talks incessantly day and night, leaving her host tired and worn-out. So in desperation, he leaves Hettie on a friend’s doorstep, but the friend brings him back the next day and the whole cycle starts again!



TV personality Martin Roberts has joined the fight against childhood mental health anguish exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic by providing free support to every primary school in the UK.

The book forms part of the campaign to help children’s mental wellbeing that is the mainstay of the authors own charity The Martin Roberts Foundation which aims to give a free copy of the original Sadsville book to every child in year 4 (8 & 9-year-olds) in the UK.

So far over 30,000 books have been distributed, with more to come. The book is supported by ground-breaking digital technology from Auris Tech, that will provide all children with access to a free digital read-along version of the book for their tablets on their App Fonetti,



Robbie the rooster is very sad. All the animals are making fun of him. What can Robbie ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ to make friends and prove that he has an important role to play on the farm? Find out in the exciting farmyard adventure…

book-library_0000_spaghetti hunters

Spaghetti Hunters by Morag Hood

Duck has lost his spaghetti, and Tiny Horse has a plan to save the day. But what exactly do you bring to a Spaghetti Hunt? A spade, a fishing rod, a jar of peanut butter, cutlery and some binoculars, obviously.

Searching far and wide, Tiny Horse catches worms, a ball of string, even a snake – but no spaghetti. Disaster! Until Duck consults a recipe book and armed with flour, eggs and a pasta maker, sets about making his own spaghetti.

This infectiously comic story encourages reading and home-cooking, teaching children about where food really comes from.

book-library_0002_if you see a lion

If You See A Lion Karl Newson

Once upon a time, there was a story in this book. But a lion ate it all. Narrated by a tall, handsome, and ever-so-dashing lion, dressed head to toe in fancy dress, this is a hilarious story of how a greedy lion ate all the picture book characters and lies about it. Problem is, he just can’t resist boasting about it! The lion, while disguised, beckons the reader closer to find the culprit while a rabbit hides in the pages, shouting out warnings until he bravely confronts the lion about his crime. Will he win? And will Lion ever learn his lesson? A hilarious story with plenty of opportunities for group participation.

book-library_0001_monsieur roscoe

Monsieur Roscoe by Jim Field

Learn French with Monsieur Roscoe in Jim Field’s debut author/illustrator picture book. Monsieur Roscoe is off on his summer holiday, meeting friends and learning lots of new words in French along the way!

Join Monsieur Roscoe as he camps, skis, sails and eats his way through France on the holiday of a lifetime!

book-library_0002_SUN Sam Usher

Sun by Sam Usher

It’s the hottest day of the year, the perfect day for a boy and his grandad to set off on an adventure – and the perfect day to share a picnic with pirates!

Published By Templar Publishing

book-library_0001_Sam Usher RAIN

Rain by Sam Usher

Sam can’t wait to go outside and play in the rain, but Grandad tells him to wait. When the rain finally stops and they head out to post a letter, there’s an adventure happening right on their doorstep. Age 2+

Published By Templar Publishing

book-library_0000_The Hideout

The Hideout

It’s time to go, but no one can find Hannah!

AuthorSusanna Mattiangeli

IllustratorFelicita Sala

OG (Mythical Land)

by Joanne Hutchinson  (Author), Kris Lillyman (Illustrator)

After listening to a young girl read stories every night, OG becomes concerned when her books are stolen, and takes it upon himself to get them back.

Hagwitch and the Cauldron of Colour (Mythical Land)

by Joanne Hutchinson  (Author), Kris Lillyman (Illustrator)

A captivating rhyming story, about a wonderful witch who helps rescue a town with a unique spell and a pinch of kindness.

Chirri & Chirra

by Kaya Doi (Author), Yuki Kaneko (Translator)

The first book in a completely charming series by a well-known Japanese author and illustrator, Chirri & Chirra introduces two girl characters who go on wonderful adventures together through the natural world.

inch and grub

Inch & Grub

Meet Inch and Grub by Alastair Chisholm & David Roberts. An utterly hilarious tale of two highly competitive cavemen with ridiculous consequences. Anything Inch can do, Grub can do better. Alastair’s nifty narrative, coupled with David’s hugely expressive illustrations make for one of the funniest reads of 2020 Look out for the pure gold visual humour too and those eyebrows. Me love it!

cloud that fell to earth 2

The Cloud that Fell to Earth

A stranded cloud receives help from Sam and Sunny in a story about kindness, positivity, team work and good will.


Two Moms and a Menagerie

Many families are different, this one has Two Mums. They have plenty of space and plenty of love, but will the Mums and their children be able to manage their ever-expanding animal family?

mogs birthday

Mog's Birthday

Celebrating 50 years of this much-loved cat Mog. Mog’s birthday is a special story which was created in collaboration with the wonderful Judith Kerr before she sadly passed away in 2019. It incorporates a selection of illustrations from across the fifty years of Mog and is the perfect celebration edition.

Fairy That Sings 2

The Fairy Who Sings

The Fairy Who Sings might not be what you expect! Touching on subjects including differences, self-esteem, anxiety, bullying and friendship, this is a beautifully illustrated picture book.

I want to shout 2

I Really Want To Shout

A story we can all relate to ‘ I Really Want to Shout!’ explores a range of creative ways to manage our anger. From drawing your feelings to focusing on your breathing there are lots of ways to manage anger. With an up-tempo rhyme supported by beautifully expressive illustrations, this is an insightful read for a younger audience

Bradley and the Dinosaur 2

Bradley and The Dinosaur

What would you do if you came face to face with a real dinosaur?

When Bradley is sent into the garden by his Mum to get flowers, he encounters the biggest creature he’s ever seen. Bradley’s bravery and kindness make them instant friends and the Dinosaur takes him to Dinoland where he encounters all sorts of dinosaurs. He even flies on a Pterasaur. But will they get back in time for dinner, and what is Bradley’s favourite meal?